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Mind Travel

Well, we are in interesting times. I think we can all agree that it has been a surreal few weeks. Something that we can't see has closed borders and shrunk our worlds to the confines of our homes. "Stir crazy" may be an understatement to what we face since this virus follows no time frame. What to do? Since we can't physically move about easily, we do have alternatives. Books, the internet, our creativity can keep us engaged with ourselves, our families and our global neighbors. Being quarantined together gives me a sense of connection rather than feeling isolated. We can support the vulnerable among us by staying home AND use home as an opportunity for connection, reflection and doing those things we never have time to get done. We can still travel. Our minds know no borders or confines.

#mindtravel #quarantined #noborders #stircrazy #global #weareallinthistogether #connection

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