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As individualistic as humans try to be, the fact is, we are not. Aside from our social connections with our own species, we also have an interdependent relationship with trees. The basic science is that trees leaves eat up carbon dioxide with the help of the sun, the carbon stays in the tree, then oxygen is relased. Undeniably to our benefit. We can't live without oxygen and trees are some of our best producers. So, why would we be cutting them down at our own expense? There are over 3 trillion trees on earth with numbers declining by over 15 billion per year. We have lost over 45% of earth's trees since mankind began cutting them down. There is currently 50% more carbon dioxide in the air since before the Industrial Revolution. All statistics that should give us pause since we could characterize the tree as our planet lungs.

We are not the dominant species we think we are. The fact is, if we disappeard tomorrow, the planet and all other species, plant and animal, would thrive. If all species, plant and animal, went extinct so would we. We must co-exist with fellow species. We must become better partners. Our lives depend on it.

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