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Glass Ceiling

Glass Ceiling

Excluding Sales Tax |

Paper on Canvas

1.5" x 24" x 36"


It isn't as if women are asking for the moon.  Just basic rights, like.... being able to vote, drive a car (yes, at one time it was determined that women could not possibly handle a car), body autonomy, equal pay in the workforce to name a few.  We would, actually, like to be SEEN as equals who have as much to contribute as men.  The fight has been long (changing minds usually is) and the ceiling has been smashed many times; with male allies along the way to be clear.  But, it is discouraging that we are still having to fight and re-fighting issues we thought long behind us.   We must continue to step up and finally achieve what we have been asking for; responsibility for ourselves and support in our abilities to contribute. 

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